Daniel Berlin Krog – Skåne Tranås Spring 2014

Cod - Roe - White Asparagus About two months ago I had an absolutely wonderful lunch at one of my favorite restaurants Daniel Berlin. Unfortunately I have not had time to post a review and I don’t think that I will manage to do that before my next dinner at Daniel Berlin in about two weeks. I will therefore just share some photos from the lunch along with saying that Daniel Berlin keeps on serving food at the very highest level. It is a very unique experience. Absolute world class food. I therefore recommend you to go there as soon as possible.

Follow me on Instagram or Twitter for updates. In two weeks I will also visit Noma for the first time.

White asparagus – Cream – Butter

White asparagus - Cream - Butter

Marehomp – Lovage – Rye
Marehomp - Lovage - Rye
Fermented apple – Chanterelle
Fermented apple - Chanterelle
Turnip – Browned butter – Mustard
Turnip - Browned butter - Mustard seeds
Quail egg – Dried Cow – Oregano
Quail egg - Dried Cow - Oregano
Yeast pancake – Rosehip – Pork fat
Yeast pancake - Rosehip - Pork fat
Bird liver – Chestnut – Cinnamon
Bird liver - Chestnut - Cinnamon
Lumpfish roe – Horseradish – Ättika
Lumpfish roe - Horseradish - Ättika
Mackerel – Seaweed – Chlorophyll
Mackerel - Seaweed - Chlorophyll
Egg yolk – Nettles – Potato
Egg yolk - Nettles - Potato
Parsnip – Linden – Hazel
Parsnip - Linden - Hazel
Veal – Ramson – Garlic mustard
Veal - Ramson - Garlic mustard
Yoghurt – Rosemary – Egg white

Yoghurt - Rosemary - Egg white


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