The Michelin Guide to The Nordic Countries and Guide Michelin Main Cities of Europe 2014

On Wednesday March 12 the head of Guide Michelin, Michael Ellis, will attend a press conference in Stockholm to present the Main Cities of Europe 2014 and the first edition of The Michelin Guide to the Nordic Countries. It is still uncertain whether it will be a full guide covering all cities in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland or just, like today, the capitals and Gothenburg. It is also uncertain whether it will be a regular guide or an edition resembling the Bonnes petites tables du Guide Michelin.

I have not heard any reports of Michelin inspectors visiting restaurants outside Stockholm and Gothenburg so I guess that – at least when it comes to the Swedish part of the guide – the new guide will feature just the same cities as before. If that’s the case it is a bit said because I think e.g. Fäviken, Daniel Berlin and Vollmers are very strong candidates for stars, Fäviken and Daniel Berlin even for three stars.

I have not heard any rumors yet but considering that the head of the Guide will come to Sweden I would not be surprised if Sweden finally gets its first three starred restaurant. Most people in Sweden would put their money on that Restaurant Frantzén will be the first restaurant with three stars. I do not think so. I think Mathias Dahlgren will be first. This is just speculation from my side since I have not eaten at any of those two restaurants during the last year.

This is my prediction of what the list of starred restaurants in Stockholm will look like.

Three stars

Mathias Dahlgren Matsalen

Two stars

Restaurant Frantzén

Restaurant Esperanto

One star




Mathias Dahlgren Matbaren

Oaxen Krog



Restaurang Jonas


Since last years guide was published I have eaten at eight of the twelve restaurants above. I have no opinion of Oaxen, Frantzén. Matsalen and Operakällaren since I have not been there this year. I think that Gastrologik is worth two stars but I do not think they will get a second star this year. Simply because they have just been open for two years. I am not sure whether F12 and Jonas are worth a star. They are not as good as Matbaren and Gastrologik but they are on par with some Spanish one starred restaurants. I would be very fun to see Pubologi and Volt on the list of starred restaurants. Both are without doubt worth a star. In my opinion Ekstedt and Matbaren should retain there stars.

Last year I tried to map Guide Michelin and the Swedish White Guide to see how many stars Sweden would have been awarded if White Guide were in charge. White Guide don’t give stars to restaurants. Instead it uses a 100 point scale in which a restaurant can get a maximum of 40 points for the food. Last year I chose 32 points as being equal to one star; 36 points to two stars and 39 points to three stars. I equalled 32 points to one star because that was the lowest amount of points a Michelin starred restaurant got i White Guide. If using the same standards this year the fictional Guide Michelin for Sweden would look like this.

Three stars


Fäviken Magasinet

Two stars

Oaxen Krog

Mathias Dahlgren Matsalen


Restaurant Frantzén

Daniel Berlin Krog


PM & Vänner

F12 Restaurant

Gothia Towers Upper House

Hotell Borgholm

Restaurang Vollmers

One star

Restaurang Jonas

Bhoga Restaurang

Mathias Dahlgren Matbaren


Krakas Krog

Bastard Mat & Vin

Bloom in the Park

Swedish Taste



Thörnströms Kök




Lilla Ego

Linnéa Art Restaurant

Sofiero Slottsrestaurang

Agatons Restaurang


Restaurang Volt

Wasa Allé

Restaurang Hvita Hjorten


Which restaurants do you think will get a star this year?

14 thoughts on “The Michelin Guide to The Nordic Countries and Guide Michelin Main Cities of Europe 2014

  1. I Have never experienced such lack of communication ever in a restaurant, as when I last year visited Restaurant Frantzén.. They didn’t even know I was allergic to tomato, even though it was mentioned during the booking. Since I was allergic and they didn’t know that, I had to sit & watch my friend drink her ‘tomato water’ while I got nothing else.. That is in my mind not even worth 1 star…

  2. Where does this rumor about a “Nordic Countries Guide” come from?? Michelin states nothing about it in their press release for he event on Mach 12 – not a single word! And if such a separate Guidebook were to come out, you could certainly pre-order it in amazon etc. But no: nothing. So I think many people who believe this hoax will be disappointed.

  3. I would be delighted! In any case I hope that Oaxen goes straight to 2 stars, at least – they deserve it. As for 3 stars: Apart from Oaxen I think Geranium, Matsalen and Maeemo are the most deserving.

    • It is interesting and a bit strange that Michelin hasn’t tried to create a buzz around the coming Guide. Oaxen could get two stars. Even though it’s a new restaurant they have a history which I think Michelin take account of. I have only been to the old Oaxen (multiple visits) which I did not think merited two stars but if you look at most reviews it seems like it is very good now.

      • Oaxen Krog was our best meal in Stockholm last summer. Better than Frantzén (which was a bit uneven) and Matsalen (which was a bit on the more “conventional” side). And way, way better than noma… As for the Guide: not only the secrecy makes me suspicious, but also the mentioned fact that you can’t pre-order it. But you seem to have first-hand sources… 😉

  4. But *if* there will be a “Nordic Countries” Guide, it will certainly feature the deep provinces as well – to extract it from the “Main Cities” Guide only, would be pointless.

    • Thanks for the link! Interesting, he is very sceptical about this “Nordic Guide” as well… Anyway: if Ylajali doesn’t get a star, I lose faith in Michelin. To us it was almost 2-star-cooking last summer. Fauna, on the other hand, was rather disappointing: solid cooking, but nothing special.

      • There seems to some confusion regarding the new Nordic Guide with media reporting it will be published next year. In the press kit that Michelin handed out this morning at the press conference Michelin says that the Nordic Guide will be published on April 15.

  5. True! I just read the press release! But very disappointing at the same time, since it is just a facile extraction from the Main Cities Guide: “Whether travelling to Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Helsinki or Copenhagen, the MICHELIN guide Nordic Countries will help readers find just what they’re looking for. (…) And there also is the potential for new cities to be added to this guide in the future”. What a stupid thing to do. Who needs that? Sorry, but that makes me really angry.

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