Svinet Hillbilly Hog Summer

Svinet is the annual summer restaurant of the restaurant group behind Djuret, Pubologi and Leijontornet 12 x 8 in Stockholms Old town. When they close Djuret for a summer break they open up their courtyard and fire up the charcoal grill. Svinet is Swedish for “the pig” and as the name indicates focus is on pork.

Being a summer restaurant the food is a little bit less elaborate than at Djuret and Pubologi. Like most other restaurants that I review this is not fine dining. Maybe one could call it hedonistic dining. At Svinet it is more about indulging in succulent meat, drinking excellent wines and having a good time. And I can guarantee you will have a good time. Svinet and Djuret is along with Speceriet and Råkultur my very favourite restaurants in Stockholm. It is two restaurants that I always want to go back to.

Svinet Menu

The menu at Svinet consist of one starter, one main course and one dessert, all for a modest price of 395 kr. The dinner starts with a gazpacho with Tabasco chilies before it is time for the pig, a lot of pig. You get a big plate full of different cuts of pork. The plate on the picture below has food for three persons.
The wine list might at a first glance look as short as the menu. But don’t worry. Svinet shares wine cellar with restaurant Djuret so there are actually 1 700 different wines to choose between. The wine list is very reasonably priced. This night we had a bottle of Egon Müller Scharzhofberger Riesling Spätlese 2004 for 1 050 SEK and a bottle of Mica 2007 for 1 250 SEK.

Gazpacho with Tabasco Chillies

Gazpacho Svinet

Main course

Svinet Main course

From the menu. “The Hillbilly Hog 2013 is cooked of the pig from Karlsfälts Farm and is: From the Charcoal grill: Barbecue glazed spareribs, chunkadoodles of Hillbilly rubbed necks, chops on the bone, smoked pork belly, and Chef Einarsson´s 1000 spice pulled pork. Served with thrice fried fries, charcoal grilled corn on the cob with whisked butter, Coleslaw (a.k.a.Mosel salad), Chipotle mayonnaise, Barbecue sauce and The Red Hot Sauce De La Casa.”

I do not remember in detail the different pork cuts. But I do remember that everything was very yummy. The pork chops were slightly dry but everything else were cooked perfectly. The french fries were excellent. The quality of the produce was fine.

Lime pie with strawberries

Lime pie with strawberries Svinet

Eating a tasting menu with several small courses is most often wonderful. But it is not always very relaxing. Sometimes I just prefer to sit down with a big plate of meat and good wine. When it comes to this kind of dining there are not many restaurants that are better than Svinet in the summer. I will definitely come back to Svinet next summer.
The next time I visit the block that houses Svinet, Djuret and Pubologi I will probably have dinner at Pubologi. After my dinner at Svinet I got some information about Pubologi’s new concept that goes under the working name 3.0. From what I heard I think it will be absolutely brilliant.

Svinet by night

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